1. Can ultrasonic cleaning damage my Anilox rollers?

If the ultrasonic system is not specifically designed and proven for this application then damage may occur. The Caresonic system is specifically designed and proven over the last 25 years for the safe and efficient cleaning of laser engraved ceramic rollers. Caresonic use a patented frequency sweep ultrasonic generator that automatically sweeps the frequency 100 times a second to prevent damage that can occur from a fixed frequency unit. With over a 2000 systems worldwide Caresonic guarantee the safe cleaning of the Anilox roller.

** For more information on this subject, please see Ultrasonics for Anilox rollers.

2. Do we need a dual frequency system for fine screen and coarse screen rollers?

No, not with the Caresonic system. This is handled automatically by the patented technology we use.

3. Do you have to use strong chemicals or solvents in the cleaning system?

Caresonic provide a complete process that will guarantee the performance of your cleaning system. A full range of detergents are available to suit all requirements, all of which are biodegradable and only require mixing at 3% – 5% by volume with water regardless of your ink and coating type. Although the general purpose detergents are alkaline, because they are mixed in low concentrations the diluted product is relatively low hazard.

4. How often do you have to change the cleaning solutions?

This depends on usage and the amount of contamination removed. On average most printers change the solutions every 2 – 4 weeks.

5. How many rollers can we clean at a time and do we need to remove bearings and gears?

As all Caresonic equipment is purpose built, you can have a single roller unit to a multi roller unit. All Caresonic systems are based on rotating the Anilox roller or sleeve so that only a segment of the engraved face is in the liquid at any one time and the journal ends are outside the liquid, meaning that in most cases the bearings and gears do not require removing. All our machines can be designed to suit your individual roller or sleeve. Contact us with your specifications.

6. Why choose ultrasonics over any other type of cleaning system?

Ultrasonic cleaning of engraved rollers and parts has been proven over the last 25 years as being the most successful and cost effective method of cleaning with major benefits such as lower capital costs than other systems, flexibility in cleaning multi rollers and parts in the same system, low running costs and no mess. Ultrasonic cleaning is also environmentally friendly and poses no major Health & Safety concern.

7. What else can we clean using ultrasonics?

Ultrasonic cleaning is an extremely efficient way of cleaning most items. In the print industry, as well as engraved roller cleaning, many units have been provided for ancillary component cleaning and wash up, i.e. for trays, doctor blade chambers, ink tanks, pumps and splash guard. Other applications include flat and rotary screen cleaning and stripping, polymer plate cleaning and rubber roll cleaning.

8. What do we do with the dirty water generated?

Caresonic units are offered with a pump and filter system as an option. Not only will they keep the cleaning liquid cleaner and prolong the time before changes but also remove the majority of solids prior to disposal. The cleaning chemicals are biodegradable and where necessary, neutralisers can be provided and hence on consultation with your local water authority, most printers are allowed to discharge the waste into the foul water drains.